Care for CurvesProportion to RythmFeatures and Details

Care for Curves

Linearity does not define the polarity of curve nature and thus the sketch.

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Proportion to Rythm

Scale the sketch with blocks and units.

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Features and Details

This is what makes sketch alive.

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The pencil. It’s humble, it’s common, and it’s waiting for you to do amazing things with it. Once you are done, you’ll want just three things: a pencil, a sharpener, and paper.


Drawing techniques include using basic shapes and correct proportions, understanding perspective and contrast, and working from reference materials.


Once you are done with outlining your subject, add shading with hatches, cross-hatches, strokes. These techniques are easy to learn and come better with practice.


Create extremely inspiring and realistic portrait. Observe the features of subject closely and work your portrait with shades, tones and contrast.