Hi everyone!! In this post we are going to understand human body proportions and how to draw human body proportions in 6 easy steps.

Remember having a correct body proportions is a foundation to cool realistic sketch.

The body proportion is multiples of head size. The commonly used human body proportions are:

  • 7-and-a-half heads tall – For an average person.
  • 8 heads tall – For an ideal human drawing.
  • 8-and-a-half heads tall – For Fashion figure
  • 9 heads tall – For a heroic figure like depicting gods and superheroes.

Step 1 >> Create 8 equal head blocks

Start drawing a head which is egg shaped.


Step 2 >> Pelvic Bone

Add pelvic bone in the 4th block.


Step 3 >> The Kness and Legs

The knee joints will be at mark 6 and feet at mark 8.


Step 4 >> Rib Cage, Nipples and Belly Button

The nipples will be at mark 2 and belly button at mark 3.


Step 5 >> Shoulders

The shoulder length will be one head roughly on both side. So 2 heads for shoulder to shoulder.


Step 6 >> Arms, Wrists and Hands

The elbow joint will be on mark 3, and the write joint will be slightly below mark 4. The fingers will be at mark 5, which is roughly mid-thigh.


Now we are done. This completes the human proportion. Next is to build muscles around it. And that will make the human figure with correct proportions.


Figure proportions


Ideal Proportions at Various ages

Remember proportions vary with age of human. Which means, when adult human has ideal proportion of 8 heads, the ideal proportion for child will become 4 heads, and for adolescent 7 heads.


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The best illustration on proportions and form you could find in a book is a book by Andrew Loomis. It has detailed analysis of proportions with very good examples. Check out this great book below.

I hope this section has provided an useful insight on human body proportions. For suggestions, questions, feedback; write in the comment box below. I would be happy to receive your comments.

Happy Drawing 🙂