draw lips

Lips constitute another important facial feature which gives recognition and identity for a face. Lips of male and females varies in shape, however its structure to draw remains same. Drawing the lips are easier as compared to eyes and nose. But for some, it may give hard time while drawing the lips. We will understand how to draw lips in simple steps. These steps will help you to draw the lips starting from outline of lips to drawing of realistic lips.

Step 1 >> Placement and Position

Like all other features in face, lips also have it position, and have proportions with respect to face. For female, lips can be narrow withing the eyes. For male, the lips extend a bit more. Remember to always keep the lips within the middle of both eyes.


Step 2 >> Draw a bow for upper lip

Start drawing the upper lip first in a shape of bow. The bow shape is close approximation of upper lip. Place the corners of bow as illustrated in step 1.


Step 3 >> Draw Bottom Lip

Draw the bottom lip by a curved line. Notice that the bottom lip will be a bit more thicker than the upper lip. Complete the opening of the mouth by using the horizontal line as a guide then transform that to a curve like water wave.


Step 4 >> Darken the areas of shadow

At this point, determine where the light source is coming from. In the illustration below, light source is coming from the right top front. Darken lightly using 2B pencil, the areas where shadow will fall, for example around the both corner of lips. Leave the area blank or bright, where light is suppose to fall. Notice the area below bottom lip is darker for the shadow.


Step 5 >> Add Soft tone

Add soft tone on both lips by lightly shading it using 2H pencil. Notice the light region just above the darker shadow, this region is for reflection of light. You can use eraser to create this light region.


Step 6 >> Add Wrinkles

Add some lip wrinkles using a 2B pencil. Don’t press too hard to make is darker, a darker wrinkle does not give realistic look. Observe yourself the wrinkles in your lips and notice it in the drawing.


Step 7 >> Blending

Use a blending stump or tip of your finger or cotton swab to blend and smooth out the shading on the bottom lip. Avoid the light areas mentioned in STEP 4. Those areas will make the lips appear more plump and round. Notice that the lip wrinkles slowly start to blend in with the shading. But they shouldn’t disappear!


Step 8 >> Glare on the bottom lip

Since the light source is on the top right, as shown in STEP 4. There will be glare on the areas which was marked light in the STEP 4. Use kneaded eraser to clean those highlight to give glare effect.


Step 9 >> Repeat the Steps for upper lip

Repeat the steps of 7 and 8 for the upper lip. At this point you should definitely be able to see a realistic lips at completion.


Step 10 >> Darken the corners and shadows

Use a 6B pencil to darken the shadows in areas such as the outer edges of the lips, under the bottom lip, the wrinkles and the corners of the lips. Evaluate your drawing, and repeat the steps as necessary.

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I hope this article will give you better understanding of drawing a nose. If you have any suggestion, feedback or question, feel free to leave a comment below. I would be happy to receive your comment.

Happy Drawing 🙂