Andrew Loomis’s books on techniques for drawing and arts illustration remain one of the best recommendation in arts academy and among professional artists. Although these books were written in 40’s and the illustrations resemble the fashion and graphics of those days, however needless to say, these illustrations and graphics are practiced by almost all aspiring artists.

Book Series by Andrew Loomis

“Drawing the Head & Hands” is the second book by Andrew Loomis in a hugely influential series of arts instruction. The book is currently reprinted by publisher Titan. And the production quality is excellent and it is a accurate reprint of the original content.

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RICH Content

The contents are categorized broadly into 5 section in this book. The first 4 sections provide illustrative details for drawing the head of men, women, old, adolescents and babies . The last section covers the drawing of hands. There are 5 parts to the book. The first 4 parts covers the drawing of head for men, women, babies, kids and teenagers. The last part is on drawing hands. The illustrations are indigenous and the instruction for drawing are simple to follow. 

Real Life Illustration

Not only does Loomis break down the fundamentals of drawing, he explains WHY they are relevant and also adds great knowledge and experience on applying that knowledge to the working life of any artist. The forms, proportions and anatomy of head is greatly explained in details with simplicity. The illustration for facial features, expressions, movements and perspectives are simply amazing and provide excellent insight for the readers. Given that a lot of his work has been built upon other artists after him, his advice might feel a bit outdated. But this is still a great book to keep around for anyone who is looking to improve their sensibilities and understanding of drawing.

Since this book was originally published in 1943, some of the text (if you choose to actually read it) is really out-of-date and doesn’t apply anymore as ‘current’. He talks about a lot of illustrators and painters who were famous back in 1920-1940.


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Who is it for: 

For an aspiring artist or the illustrator who may be out of practice, Loomis’ book is very insightful and instructional on the drawing techniques of human. This book covers everything from gestures to fully clothed examples (drapery).

This is an excellent book for all artists who wish to improve their figure drawing skills, especially those that may be on a tight budget and do not have access to a live model all the time.

It’s great that this classic is reprinted because everyone can own one now. This is a great companion book to figure drawing books. Highly recommended.

My Rating: 9.8/10

Where to buy:

This is a sumptuous re-print of the original classic and well-worth buying– however all his books the brilliant it is, are readily available as pdf copy.

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