nose profile view 08

The appearance of nose and its structure will depend on point of view. Earlier we have learned how to draw nose in 6 easy steps in frontal view. Noses vary widely in shape for child-to-adolescent-to-young-to-old, yet the basic construction remains same. For example the nostrils should be set evenly on the line running from the base of the to the base of the ear. Check out basic construction of head.

nose profile view

Real problem lies in their correct positions, we will understand those problems and learn how to draw nose in profile view. 

Step 1>> Start with Basic Geometric Shape

As we have learn to draw nose in frontal view from basic guidelines. We will start drawing nose in profile view with basic trapezoidal shape. Here you will see, three different angle of view. Remember again proportion and placement is important. So if you have problems in these two, take your time to practice more with basic construction of head and how to draw nose in 6 easy steps.

You can use HB or 2H pencil to draw the outlines as light as possible.

nose profile view 01

Step 2>> Give Nose roundness by adding circles to the base and upper bridge

Next step is to draw the circles visualizing the perspective of the nose. As for the diameter, fit the circle between two parallel slope lines and draw other circles same diameter. 

nose profile view 02

It’s time to bridge the nose with forehead or eye cavity. Draw the round curve on top of the nose that will connect to the eyebrow line.

nose profile view 03

Step 3>> Highlight the nose tip and draw bridge

By now, the nose must be coming to your visualization. Let’s continue to get our nose near perfect drawn. Look your nose in the mirror if you want to get hold of nose tip better. The nose tip is important feature of nose which gives identity to the face, like sharp nose, bend nose, pointed nose etc.

For now lets, draw the highlight of nose tip as curve around the circle following its shape.

nose profile view 04a

Now extend the nose-tip-curve upward wrapping around the circle. 

nose profile view 04b

It’s time to complete the nose bridge, so connect the nose-tip-curve to the top curve of nose. It will be interesting to see how nose looks differently when you add some bumps while completing the bridge. 

nose profile view 04c

Step 4>> Complete the nostril wing by outline

You can see in the right sketch, how nostril wing is outlined by drawing curve along the remaining circle. Here it is important to note, first two sketch have only one nostril-wing to outline.

nose profile view 05

Step 5>> Draw nostrils to complete your nose

Now we are at completion of drawing nose. The final stoke to complete the nose is drawing the nostrils. Be careful about how big the nostril would be. For the size of nostrils, draw the nostrils between nose-tip-circle and nostril-wing-circle just below the trapezoidal boundary.

Here it is interesting to notice the perspective of center nose where it does not show nostril. 

nose profile view 06

Step 6>> Erase the outlines and proceed to shade the nose

It’s time to give the nose its realistic shade. So firstly, erase the outlines drawn at beginning in step 1.

nose profile view 07a

nose profile view 07b

I hope this section has made easy to draw nose in profile view and perspective. For any suggestion, question or feedback; write in the comment box below. I would be happy to receive your comment.

Happy Drawing 🙂